What is the minimum number of people required for a trip?
We provide transport services for 6 and more passengers.

Does the stated price include all travel expenses (road toll etc.)?
Each offer – calculation of our coach transport service naturally comprises all fees including road toll, toll stickers, insurance and other expenses.

Do you serve refreshment in your coaches?

Our buses are equipped with a coffee bar and a mini bar as a standard. You can enjoy Lavazza coffee non-alcoholic drinks, beer and wine from Kovacs winery during your trip. We will gladly provide sandwiches or other form of refreshment upon request.

Is it possible to install a baby seat in your coach?
YES, we will also gladly lend you one.

Do you provide your services to people with limited mobility and disabled people?
Unfortunately, none of our buses is equipped with a wheelchair platform for disabled people and therefore we are currently not able to oblige such clients. However, we are planning to purchase wheelchair platforms in the course of 2010.

Do you also provide accommodation or restaurants in other destinations?
We are able to ensure accommodation in 4-star hotels, stops in restaurants, cultural and tourist programme and other associated services pursuant to individual demands.

Is there a guide – interpreter available at our disposal?

We will gladly provide interpreters and translators both for transfers and long term travel. Our coaches are equipped with 3 microphones for tourist guides and other tour managers.

Is your company insured against bankruptcy?

Are the coaches owned by the company?

Does your vehicle insurance include theft of luggage and accident policies?
YES, we have accident insurance. The limit of indemnification equals CZK 100 million for passenger insurance and 1 million for luggage insurance.

Which DVD films do the drivers offer? Can you ensure production according to your client’s wishes?

YES, there are DVD players with 2 19“ LCD screens. The required films have to be stated in the inquiry.

Is the vehicle equipped with a mobile phone?

All our drivers have a mobile phone at their disposal. PLANET LINE concurrently operates a 24/7 despatching service whose operators speak Czech and English.

Do you have a 24/7 despatching service?
YES, see above.

Is it possible to arrange some of the seats in “seating for 4 – table” setting?
Yes, the request must be stated in the inquiry for the given vehicle.

Do the drivers have unified clothing?
YES, our drivers are dressed in unified company uniforms as a standard. The uniform consists in a dark suit, a shirt with a tie and dark shoes.

What is your drivers’ practical experience?
Our drivers have a 20-year practice driving buses and coaches and their average age is 37years.

Which languages do your drivers speak?
Our drivers' language knowledge adapts to the client’s needs – English, German, Spanish and Russian.

Which training sessions do your drivers undergo?
Omniplus safety courses – focusing on dealing with critical situations occuring in everyday traffic.

Do you offer direct lines in summer months?

If you have not found answers to your questions, please contact us by e-mail or via a telephone.

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